How to Check Cash App Card Balance

The Cash App Card is a debit card that is offered by Cash App exclusively to its users. If you are using a cash card then it is possible that you may want to check the Cash App card balance. It is not very difficult to do it however still there are many users wondering how to check the balance on the Cash App card.

Do you also want to keep track of your Cash App card balance? Here in this blog, we are going to give a full guide on how to find balance on Cash App. This is a very easy process because it is possible that users always want to be aware of their current Cash App balance. But before we proceed to explain the step-by-step process of this let’s know some facts about a cash card and how it works.

With a cash app debit card, you get the advantages of a debit card. In easy words, it means that your Cash card is linked to the Cash App and you can only check the balance on the app itself. There is no need to visit any bank or ATM machine to check the Cash App card balance.

How to check Cash App Balance in 2020?

As we have mentioned above the cash app balance is similar to your card balance. There are two easy methods that can help you to check Cash App card balance. Here we discuss both these processes one is to check the Cash App card balance by phone. The other is to check the Cash App card balance without the app. You need to stay with us to know both these methods.

Check Cash App Balance by Phone

It is quite simple to check the Cash App card balance by phone. Whenever you make a transaction on your cash app account you will immediately get message of available Cash App balance on the home screen. We can understand that as a user you may want to always keep track of your cash app account balance so here some of the steps that you need to take to check cash app balance on App:

  • Log in to your Cash App account in any android or iPhone device
  • On the right side of the Cash App mobile, you can see the dollar sign
  • Here on the dashboard, your current Cash App balance is visible
  • To check the Cash App balance with your phone you need to only open the Cash App and you can see the current account balance on the right corner.

Check Cash App Card Balance without the App

There are some users who are unable to access Cash App on their mobile phone. In such cases, they want to know how to check the Cash App card balance without App. The Cash App allows users to know their account balance also with an alternative method.

So, if you do not have a Cash app on your mobile phone then there is no need to worry as you can check Cash App card balance with this process. In this method, you need to visit the official Cash App website on the desktop and here login your account to check balance. But sometimes there might be some issues in checking the Cash App balance on the website.  We suggest that you need to call the Cash App Customer service mobile number to know your account balance.

You can also ask the Cash App Server team to send you the 12 months transaction history of your Cash App account. Here you can solve the issues and get answers to your queries about Cash App card balance.


Q: Can I check the balance on the Cash card?
A: Yes, you can easily check the balance on a cash card and it is visible on the dashboard of the Cash app home screen.

Q: How to Check the Cash App balance online?   
A: To check the cash app balance online you have to options. We have both these methods in detail in the above-written article.

  • Check Cash App balance on the mobile App
  • Check the Cash App balance on the official website of Cash App

Q. How do I earn money on my Cash App balance?
A: To earn money on Cash App balance you can use the investing option. In this, you can buy and sell bitcoin with your cash app balance.

Q. How to see how much money is on a cash app card?
A: To see how much money is on the Cash App card you need to check the balance. Yes, the money in the Cash card is similar to the current Cash App account balance.

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